Tips For The Newborn Photographer

Schedule the shoot during the first ten days of the baby’s lifenewborn photography tips

As a newborn photographer, you will need to make sure that you are able to understand the concept of proper timing. One of the best phases that you should aim for as a newborn photographer is during the first ten days of the newborn baby’s life. The baby has not acclimated yet to the outside world. Somehow, he is still under the presumption that he is still in his mother’s womb. During this particular ten day phase, the baby does not do much other than feed and sleep. This is something that can work tremendously to your advantage as a wedding photographer and something that you should maximize as much as you possibly can. Work on coordinating this early on with the parents, if you can. If you do the shoot later than the ten day mark, the baby is usually more alert and more reactive when it comes to this phase. This can bring in a lot of problems for you because you will have to exercise extra patience and go through a lot of things to make sure that the baby stays pacified and entertained. Another tip would be for you to make sure that you get to schedule the photo shoot during the morning. Look for a timeframe wherein the baby has been recently fed and bathed.

Make use of props

Props bring life to a newborn photography session and that is something that you should be banking on one way or the other. Take the time to really come up with a good enough collection of props that you can use for your newborn photography projects. A nice assortment of props should include but should not be limited to blankets, some hats, wraps, pieces of great looking faux furs, and even assorted baskets and wooden crates. Make sure that you are able to maintain or keep your props clean and washed all of the time. An extra soaking of fabric conditioner will not hurt either. You need to make sure that you only get to go for materials that are soft to the touch because infants have such sensitive skin that they tend to chafe easily at times.

Make use of natural light

Natural light will be your best friend when it comes to newborn photography sessions so make sure that you are able to learn how to use it and manipulate it to work to your advantage, when it all comes down to it. Newborn babies do not like artificial light and working with anything that has flash can startle and irritate them. Make sure that you position your newborn photography Oxfordshire shoot in an area that has a lot of natural light such as near a door or a window and make sure that you have abundant amounts of natural light to work with.

Include the siblings and other family members.

If the baby has siblings, try to photography them with him. Also include the parents in some of the shots, if they will allow it.