wedding photography tipsIn the wedding photography industry, whatever is different or whatever stands out is always something that can potentially spur you towards success and that is something that you should discover and more or less take advantage of at the end of the day. Although your common tendency as a wedding photographer would be to go ahead and follow after the footsteps of the biggest wedding photographer in the market right now, this will not help elevate you towards the heights that you would like to reach in your professional career. When it all comes down to it, you will just be like pretty much everyone else. That is not enough to impress clients and other people enough to actually remember you or have a certain ring to your name. You will end up being just another wedding photographer in a sea of wedding photographers. The market and the industry are actually pretty saturated with service providers right now. You don’t really stand a chance of being able to establish your own brand and style and identity as a wedding photographer if your photos look pretty much just like everybody else’s.

Know what makes you different

Figure out what makes you different from the rest of all of the other wedding photographers out there and embrace it. You should learn how to embrace your uniqueness and your individuality because this is the one thing that will really help spur your career as a wedding photographer to all of the right directions. Find out what makes you stand out and work on being able to develop it. Make it your own and capitalize on it as much as possible. You have nothing to gain out of following in the footsteps of everyone else but you have everything to gain out of creating some kind of an identity that people will be able to more or less remember you by as a professional wedding photographer. What is different is great for as long as it is something that still adheres to the standards of aesthetics that your wedding photography clients are requiring from you, then you should be all good.

Keep them fresh and interesting

It is important that you keep things fresh and interesting all of the time as a wedding photographer. You need to constantly work on being able to re-imagine things and to put in your own take on things as much as possible. Doing what everyone else does is something that can turn out to be boring and monotonous and you certainly don’t want any of that. You need something that is a little more innovative and interesting and being different as a professional wedding photographer is something that will be able to help you achieve that when it all comes down to it.

Read up blogs.

A great way for you to find great ideas that you can work for you and for your identity as a wedding photographer is by reading up on the blogs of other wedding photographers as well. The more well read you are as a Manchester wedding photographer, the more inventive you get to be with the input that you bring to the table during the wedding photography shoot.


wedding photographyLighting can be a really difficult thing to master especially if you are someone who is fairly new to the craft of being a wedding photographer. This is a kind of challenge that you will still be able to do something about at the end of the day though so don’t come off being too hard on yourself if you’re not at the top of the strata as a wedding photographer just yet. The first step is in admitting that you have a long way to go and the first thing that you should tackle if you have hopes of being a real expert in your craft is the lighting technicality aspect of the job that you will end up doing during the weddings that you book as a wedding photographer.

To learn about lighting, you need to go ahead and learn it by doing, not just by theoretical means.

This means that as a wedding photographer, you should be inclined to bring your camera along with you every single day whenever you step right out o your front door. This may seem like a bit of a taxing exercise but the more that you are able to delve into it, the more you will get to realize and appreciate the info and the experience that you get to glean from such an exercise at the end of the day. Don’t be lazy with the amount of time that you spend with your camera. As a wedding photographer, your camera should be something that you are extremely familiar with. It should be something that you intimately know and something that you will be able to manipulate really well. You should know it as well as if the camera is already one of your appendages.

Observe light as well as the rest of its qualities and the way that it reacts to stimuli every chance that you get.

You won’t have a lot of time the moment that you are on location as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you will be able to rely on muscle memory when you are shooting during the wedding. You don’t exactly have the luxury to step back and assess the situation and take up too much time with the composition of your photos. When you have the free time, take a moment of quiet to really take a look at all of the details such as the color temperatures, how light is stirred up by the wind, by the dust swirling up in the air, by the leaves floating around, and so on and so forth.

And of course, if really will pay off a lot if you get to go through at least the basics of handling light as a wedding photographer.

Enroll yourself in a photography course so that you have a pretty good foundation of knowledge about lighting and how to use it all throughout the time that you are booking and shooting weddings professionally as a skilled wedding photographer.


Gain some kind of economic relevance.

wedding photographyIt is a common goal for the wedding photographers who get into the industry to try to gain some kind of economic relevance and sustainability one way or the other. This is something that you should be looking into as well. Apart from the aspect of being able to practice your craft and your passion by following after the footsteps of the other wedding photographers who have gone before you and who have established themselves ahead of you, you will need to also work on a way for you to survive the competition despite the fact that you are technically a newcomer in the industry. This can be a pretty tough feat to conquer but for as long as you have the right kind of business sense to guide you somewhere along the way, you will certainly be able to have some kind of commercial success with it one way or the other. You just need to make sure that you are patient enough to work things out because when it all comes down to it, things will not always be so easy and you will go through some rough patches which is pretty much what the other wedding photographers have gone through as well.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Clients won’t be too excited to go ahead and hire you if you have virtually nothing in your resume or in your portfolio. People want something tangible that they can look at that will basically assure them that you know what you are doing and that you really are as skilled as you say you are. If you don’t have anything up in your portfolio, then you might as well say goodbye to getting potential clients because they will most likely book the wedding photographers who have something that they can look at or review one way or the other. Try to jump on whatever you can get. This is not the right time for you to be choosy. Get as many photography related gigs and side gigs that you can get your hands on while you are slowly building up your portfolio as well on the side. Make it a point to constantly apply for internships that will give you a pretty good chance to get your skills as a Berkshire wedding photographer to good use and so that you will also be able to add on any other new skills all throughout the process.

These kinds of things take time so be patient with the process as much as possible.

Experienced wedding photographers know for a fact that you really have to start from the bottom before you have any chance of getting to the top. Take whatever you can get and work on whatever you will be able to work on. Take your time and use this as an opportunity for you to absorb and learn about anything that you need to learn about. Over time, you will slowly make your way to the top.


wedding photography tipsA great wedding photographer always understands the importance and the kind of weight that a bridals shoot brings around during a wedding photo coverage. You need to make sure that you are able to really get things done the right way. Forgetting about the bridals shoot is a cardinal sin and something that you should never do as a wedding photographer. You have to remind yourself again and again that the bottom line of the entire wedding photography shoot is that you will need to make sure that the bride comes out looking like the star of the entire show. The focus should always be on her. She should come out looking beautiful and radiant in all of the pictures that you are able to take as a wedding photographer essex. The bridals is actually dedicated to making sure that the bride looks beautiful than ever. You need to have enough time to really pose her well or position her well all throughout the entire process.

One common misconception among wedding photographers is that they feel as if it is quite alright to book the bridals shoot as well as the main wedding photo shoot all in the same day, the wedding day. This is a big no-no. Wedding days can be really hectic and crazy and you might not have enough time to get the bridals shoot done right. Make it a point to really schedule the bridals shoot on a different day before the actual wedding day. You don’t need that kind of stress during the main wedding photography shoot and the best part of it all is the fact that you really don’t have to. Do it on two separate days and get the problem over and done with.

Take the time to talk to the bridesmaids and to coach them a little about the right things that they need to do during the bridal march.

Technically speaking, this isn’t your turf anymore as a wedding photographer but when you come to think about it, it can greatly affect the quality of photos that you are able to take and that is why it really won’t hurt if you give the bridesmaids a few pointers here and there before they make the bridal walk. Most of them already know what to do but it’s always different if you are able to issue out all of the right info and all of the right instructions along the way. It will make all of the difference in the world and it is something that will get to show in the photos that you take during the main wedding photo shoot.

Give them a few tips on how to hold their bouquets.

The bouquet should be help at around the same level or slightly lower than where the belly button is. They should also pace themselves and make sure that they are able to walk just at the right pace, not too fast nor too slow. The bridesmaids can really set the vibe for the moment leading up to the bride’s main entrance and that is why you need to detail this out to them as much as possible.