Wear great shoeswedding photography

Wedding photography is a relatively challenging niche in photography because of the fact that it requires a lot of hours to cover and it can also be extensively laborious especially when you are looking into getting a lot of different view angles and perspectives one way or the other. You will have to be on the move all of the time and you will have to be willing to walk a lot. As a matter of fact, you will be walking far more than you think you would.

The quick fix would be for you to make sure that you bring a really great pair of comfortable shoes while you are covering your wedding photography gigs out there. The dilemma usually comes in because of the fact that weddings are prevalently formal events and thus the tendency to opt for attractive looking shoes. However, you also need something that is durable and comfortable enough to last you the entire day. You can always go for shoes that offer you both the aesthetics and the comfort as well.

Manage the crowd accordingly.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a crowd in wedding photography is that there will always be that one person either in the bride and groom’s friends and family members who will try to dictate how the photos will be taken. They will try to tell people how to pose. They will try to tell people were to pose. They will even try to dictate who gets to join a photo and who does not. The point here is that as the official wedding photography expert, you will have to make sure that you get to manage this appropriately. Tell that person to kindly get out of the way first and let you finish up because you have a schedule that you will need to follow through with. Tell them that you pretty much appreciate their input and they are free to do what they would like to try out for as long as you are able to finish up on your shots first. Make sure that you do it in a friendly and polite manner. You do not want to offend anyone by sounding a little too authoritative and even rude up to some point.

Have a meeting with the bride and the groom.

It is of utmost importance for you as the wedding photographer Berkshire to make sure that you completely understand the concept of what your clients want and need. Make sure that you get to lay everything down in black and white. The last thing that you would like to happen would be for you and to have an argument with the bride and the groom regarding misunderstandings brought forth by grey areas that have not been discussed in detail. This is the only way for you to make sure that your clients are absolutely satisfied with your service.

Get a must have shot list from your clients.

A list of all of the moments or shots that you would need to take is something that you should have on you all of the time. Follow through with the list and try to commit to it as much as possible.


tripod useA tripod will allow you as the wedding photographer to be able to step back unburdened so you can assess the situation and really think about the composition of the image that you are about to take. Sometimes, when you are at a busy event like a wedding and you have a camera in hand, it is a bit hard to slow down for a bit. You have tend to have that feverish tendency to shoot as much as you can and make sure that you do not miss out on any important moments during the event.

Think shots

When your camera is mounted on a tripod though, it forces you to sort of slow down and really think about the shot you are getting. You are more likely to get the framing and lighting right with this kind of time being handed to you when you have a tripod set in place. What the tripod can do for you as a wedding photographer is that it frees you of the burden of having to carry the camera all the time and so, that way, you are able to make sure that all of the other variables are pretty much in place so that you can take your photos beautifully.

Use telephoto lens

A tripod works great when you are using a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are great to use for when you need to take close up photos but you cannot really be quite near the subjects that you are trying to film. There are a lot of moments like this during the wedding. You would need to scoot slightly to the back of the room during the actual wedding ceremony, during the toasting and the speeches, and so on and so forth. This is why the telephoto lens really is a great basic lens to invest in for new photographers. The issue with this lens though is that it can be a bit difficult to steady. Its focal length can magnify the vibrations that are being caused by the camera’s mirror and shutter, and all of the other underlying variables involved.

Take difficult shots

As a wedding photographer cambridgeshire, you will also see that you might be cast in different kinds of situations. At times, you will find that you will be asked to shoot in at times extremely difficult circumstances. You have to be prepared at all times. One of the biggest challenges a wedding photographer may come across with is the aspect of having to shoot with very limited natural light available. You will be asked to film during sunsets or at times during night times where it can be extremely dark. The camera shifts to night mode when this is the case and it can result to camera shake as well because the shutter speed tends to slow down. You will need all of the stability that you can possibly get your hands on in order to ensure that you get nothing but the very best of pictures for your paying clients. They deserve nothing but the best, after all.