event photographyThere are many event photographers out there. Yet, the ones who are later known as professional event photography teams do not sum up to even half of them. It takes a lot of dedication, time and effort from their side to become who they are today. Maybe you want to follow in their footsteps, too!

Allow us to introduce you to the secrets of why their event photography business became so popular and trusted.

Know your market

There are many kinds of event photography and each of the genre demanding different style and way of capturing the pictures. It also means that you have to expand your arsenal of the camera and especially lenses! Different situations will demand a different mode of shooting, lens, lighting equipment, etc. While you are probably eager to accept everything offered to you, focus on what you are best at.

At the beginning of the job, accepting anything is good to help you explore the world of event photography. But after a while, take a long look at your past works and think of what do you see in your style. What can you tell people when they ask what you are best at? How do you explain your way of shooting?

When you work with a professional business partner, he wants you to be able to explain your style and what you plan to do. He wants to know what will happen to his product after you take the picture and only then can he trust you.

Solo to team

Most photographers start alone. And when you work alone, you are limited to what you can do and how big of an event you can handle. As you expand your business, you can begin to seek out talented photographers who are good in a different genre to help you. It is also good to think of hiring someone who is good with the technical problems of your lighting, camera and editing equipment.

For example, a team of event photography in SmartPicsUKEvent do not consist of only one photographer. It’s a team with a few photographers who have their own roles and responsibilities when working. When the scope of the event is big, having more photographers mean you get more pictures on the same thing from multiple angles.

Communicate well with clients

What does your client want to do with the pictures? What does he want to see? What kind of atmosphere is supposed to show from the pictures? All this information will help you understand more and inspire you to how you should take the pictures.

It will also save your time from having to retake and edit the pictures again and again because things were not communicated well at the beginning. This won’t be a good thing for you as you will be wasting much more time than planned on the same job! If you had understood everything and clarified them, there won’t be a need to go back and forth too much.

Event photography is a job that can be pretty fun as you get to be involved in parties and events. And so long as you follow our guideline, you cannot go wrong with it!


event photographerWhen the subject of event photography is brought up, most individuals relate it to more formal and corporate occasions. However, event photography services by Steve Burton are not restricted in scope as they cover any occasion. Whether it involves prom taking place at the local high school, the wedding of a socialite, a pledge drive or even a neighbourhood baseball group all that needs to be present is a gathering of individuals. The following are popular questions asked about event photography:

How modern is event photography?

Event photography has definitely changed over the years as what was present in the 90’s is different from what we have in modern day. This shows that this genre has had a long standing and still remains relevant over the years. In the years that preceded the 90’s, no longer where pictures taken at one location and then run off to a lab to be prepared and printed. This is all due to modern digitization as images can be captured, viewed digitally and immediately printed, mounted and presented to the client within the span of five minutes.

What does it take to be an event photographer?

Probably anybody interested in event photography can get into it but there is something that differentiates the best event photographers from the norm. An active professional in the field is someone who possesses an attitude that says “can do”. Another important element is a passion for the job paired with adaptability. Although photography itself as a career can be rewarding, it is important that the event photographer has considerable experience to market his or her services to a wide range of clientele. After all, you need clients before you can get events to cover.

Is the camera’s quality important?

Although it can be helpful when the latest gadgets on the market are put in use as they make the work of the event photographer easier, it is not necessary. Having a decent kit that can perform all the required functions you need it to accompanied by skill is enough to get quality images. Most times, the clientele of an event photographer are not concerned about the type of equipment being used and all they care about is having the pictures come out nicely. The way you choose to go about getting the pictures might be of no concern to them but that does not mean high-end cameras are not useful in enhancing quality.

Does it cost money to hire the professionals?

A few years ago when event photography was a new phenomenon and not a lot of people had access to cameras, it would have been tough for the financially constrained to gain access to such. Now however, the demand for event photographers as well as the influx of event photographers has made it possible to hire the services of a professional without having to dent your budget.

Are corporate shoots and event photography the same?

Like was said above, event photography is not restricted to a particular occasion and as a result, you can find corporate shoots inside event photography like other occasions.