Wedding Photography

Charlie’s Successful Wedding Party

Surrey wedding photographerIf you go and check this amazing Surrey wedding photographer on, you’ll be able to find yourself equipped with a great eBook on tips and guides for a great wedding party.

Now, let me compile some and mention why these are true and how Charlie is simply being the kindest and best Surrey wedding photographer you can find.

Second shooter or not

The question of whether you should use an additional shooter should end here, right now. Charlie works with one more shooter beside him to cover your wedding parties. And there are so many things that you will be doing and hoped you had one more person to shoot you.

The first part, where you and your groom will get ready, is one of the most important memories that we all want to keep. But, you cannot make Charlie stand in two different places unless you are renting out two different hotel rooms. But that also means that you need more time to let the photographer snaps enough pictures in both rooms.

Next is the part where your photographer is torn between skipping group pictures and capturing guests that attended your party. These formal pictures are one of the most time-consuming parts of the day. The second shooter will help a lot as he can keep the camera rolling in the party, while your main shooter takes all the necessary group pictures in peace.

Friend vs. Thousands of Dollars’ Worth Photographer

Torn in between? This is also where you should be able to make up your mind. Now, let’s talk about why friends are not supposed to be let to take your wedding pictures. These friends of yours, unless they have the necessary experience, skills, gears, and creativity in them, you will wish that you had hired a professional guy.

Experience talks a lot.

It means that one understands when and where to stand and capture the moments. It also means that one will not panic should rain starts to fall. Gears define the quality of the pictures taken. You want something that you can print out in large size in case you want it to, but a cheap camera is not going to cut it. Currently, professional photographers spend more than $5,000 on cameras and that is not lighting equipment included.

As for creativity, well, if you haven’t known, creativity can be taught and trained. What your friends can do, might have been done a few years ago. But what a professional Surrey wedding photographer for you is something new that makes your wedding photographer interesting, yet timeless. It also has something to do with understanding their gears. That is, to know which part they can monopolize to gain that one picture they want.

End product

And everything boils down to the end product, your wedding album. What do you want to see in it? Professional photographers will do all out for your pictures. But, as for your friends, none of us are sure because they want to enjoy the party too. It will most probably end with copying all the files in a USB stick for you. There might be little to no editing done, either because they don’t know how to do it yet, or they just don’t feel like doing it (because 500 pictures are no joke, it takes around 4months for a professional!).