Get inspiration

wedding photographyIf you want to keep things unique and interesting, it would be best if you check out the possibility of getting into alternative wedding photography. This is a kind of wedding photography that constantly aims to challenge the norm and constantly aims to be different from what people are used to seeing all of the time. Although traditional wedding photography does have its own appeal to certain people, it cannot be denied that it can be up to a certain fault. More and more modern clients are opting for a more modern approach and alternative wedding photography can really attain that for them and so much more. If you would like to carve out a new path for you in the wedding photography industry, then this is your window and this is the best chance for you to check out a special area in wedding photography that you can definitely go ahead and explore one way or the other. If you don’t have any idea about where to start, there are a lot of ways wherein you will be able to get some kind of inspiration from everyday things and events and it is something that you can really take advantage of.

Keep yourself updated through blogs and other articles.

This will help you have a good input or flow of ideas for alternative wedding photography. Follow the wedding photographers that you admire the most, particularly those people who get to specialize in alternative wedding photography. It helps when you have other blogs that can urge you on and that can inspire you to aim for better and more unique things and ideas as you go along in your career in alternative wedding photography. This is something that you should seriously look into because of the fact that there is an entire universe of unique ideas that are readily available and that you will be able to easily reach out to with just a touch of a hand for as long as you have all of the right at your fingertips. For as long as you are willing enough to follow through on checking ideas out one way or the other, you will surely be able to figure out a way to put your own spin on things as you go along. Subscribe to their pages so that you get constant updates of new projects coming along and what ideas they have managed to incorporate into the alternative wedding photography projects that they have brought about to their blog pages.

Base it off of what your clients’ interests are.

Talk to your clients and about what they are really looking out for in terms of personalities and in terms of the hobbies that they are currently enjoying. It would really pay off if you try to really sit down and get to know your clients well enough. Check out the kind of lifestyle they have as well as the kind of past time they enjoy and who they are as people in general.


wedding photography tipsMost of the professional wedding photographers really make it a point to be able to go ahead and get out of the way as much as possible whenever they are in the middle of shooting wedding events. This stems from the aim to capture great looking shots that don’t end up looking a little too staged or a little too choreographed. Choreographed shots can easily turn out to look really tired and boring and that is something that you should try to go ahead and avoid as much as possible if it is something that you will be able to more or less control at some point or so.

Minimize your visibility

The main problem that wedding photographers face is that the moment that people notice them posing and taking their shots, it’s an almost impulsive reaction to immediately try to go ahead and pose and smile in an attempt to come out looking good and composed in the photos that are being taken of them. Although it would be nice for the portrait taking bit of the wedding photography service that wedding photographers are trying to bring along for the wedding, it will not always work out well if what is being aimed for are candid looking shots that look natural and look interesting or look as if there is a deeper story somewhere in there. You will not be able to get to play around this kind of concept if people are a little too aware of your presence as a n Orange County wedding photographer and that is why you should try to see if you could go through some efforts to attempt to minimize your visibility a little bit during the weddings that you shoot.

Take photos from a distance.

The moment that you start seeing people being a little bored or a little tired in the pictures, try to see if you will be able to scoot to the back of the room and take your photos from a distance. When people are less conscious about the fact that they are being photographed all of the time or that they are under the scrutiny of the camera lens all of the time, they tend to relax a little bit and this gives you a window of opportunity to go ahead and capture great looking facial reactions that you would not have had any kind of opportunity to do so otherwise. Try to go ahead and keep your distance and try to shift to a longer lens so that you will still have the capacity to shoot close up shots even if you aren’t exactly right next to the people that you are trying to document in the photos that you are taking.

Avoid using flash

Another way for you to make your presence a little less visible and something that wedding photographers have been doing as well for the longest time running is the aspect of avoiding the use of flash when the photos are being taken. Flash can be really harsh and it can turn out to startle the people that you are photographing in the process.


wedding photography tipsIn the wedding photography industry, whatever is different or whatever stands out is always something that can potentially spur you towards success and that is something that you should discover and more or less take advantage of at the end of the day. Although your common tendency as a wedding photographer would be to go ahead and follow after the footsteps of the biggest wedding photographer in the market right now, this will not help elevate you towards the heights that you would like to reach in your professional career. When it all comes down to it, you will just be like pretty much everyone else. That is not enough to impress clients and other people enough to actually remember you or have a certain ring to your name. You will end up being just another wedding photographer in a sea of wedding photographers. The market and the industry are actually pretty saturated with service providers right now. You don’t really stand a chance of being able to establish your own brand and style and identity as a wedding photographer if your photos look pretty much just like everybody else’s.

Know what makes you different

Figure out what makes you different from the rest of all of the other wedding photographers out there and embrace it. You should learn how to embrace your uniqueness and your individuality because this is the one thing that will really help spur your career as a wedding photographer to all of the right directions. Find out what makes you stand out and work on being able to develop it. Make it your own and capitalize on it as much as possible. You have nothing to gain out of following in the footsteps of everyone else but you have everything to gain out of creating some kind of an identity that people will be able to more or less remember you by as a professional wedding photographer. What is different is great for as long as it is something that still adheres to the standards of aesthetics that your wedding photography clients are requiring from you, then you should be all good.

Keep them fresh and interesting

It is important that you keep things fresh and interesting all of the time as a wedding photographer. You need to constantly work on being able to re-imagine things and to put in your own take on things as much as possible. Doing what everyone else does is something that can turn out to be boring and monotonous and you certainly don’t want any of that. You need something that is a little more innovative and interesting and being different as a professional wedding photographer is something that will be able to help you achieve that when it all comes down to it.

Read up blogs.

A great way for you to find great ideas that you can work for you and for your identity as a wedding photographer is by reading up on the blogs of other wedding photographers as well. The more well read you are as a Manchester wedding photographer, the more inventive you get to be with the input that you bring to the table during the wedding photography shoot.


wedding photography tipsWhen you are shooting weddings that you have booked as a wedding photographer, one thing that you need to try to keep in mind all of the time is the fact that you should always be working on a principle of two’s all throughout the time that you are providing coverage for your clients. This is the most basic rule of thumb that you should try to observe so that you will at least get all of your bases covered as a wedding photographer. Weddings usually come in with a lot of risks as well as a lot of untoward incidents and unfortunate possibilities. You need to make sure that this is something that you are able to prepare well enough for at the end of the day and doing things in two’s will do just that for you, and then some.

Always start things off with two cameras in tow during the wedding.

It’s just safer when you have two cameras. That way, if ever something happens to the first one, you are rest assured that you have a second one to save the day and to serve as your backup gear if push comes to shove. It will ensure that you have your contingencies set well in place and ready to go. If you don’t have enough money to buy a second camera, you can always borrow one from your friends. Ask around in advance so that people will get enough heads up and will get to cross check their schedules as well if they have a spare camera that they can lend you when you are in a time of need. This is where your networking skills and ability to keep in touch with people will usually come in handy. When you have a lot of friends in the photography community in your area, there will always be someone out there with a spare camera that you can use when you have a wedding to shoot so keep that in mind and message people ahead of time just so you do not get to run out of options.

Always being a second shooter with you no matter what happens.

Again, weddings are a huge deal. It can easily hold out hundreds and hundreds of guests and no one will be the wiser, especially not you as a wedding photographer. You need to get your area covered and make sure that you have enough manpower for all of the groundwork that you are going to be doing all throughout the time that you have the wedding in full swing. As a matter of fact, most of the professional wedding photographers out there come in teams of three or more. Ideally, you should go ahead and do the same but if you think that that’s a little bit too much for you right now, given that you are a new wedding photographer, then a second shooter should suffice. Professional fees of a second wedding photographer can easily skyrocket and go out of budget. One thing that you can do is for you to offer a proposal for other wedding photographers Dublin out there who might also be in need of a second shooter in the weddings that they book. You can swap services so that you don’t have to pay for anything at all.


wedding photographyLighting can be a really difficult thing to master especially if you are someone who is fairly new to the craft of being a wedding photographer. This is a kind of challenge that you will still be able to do something about at the end of the day though so don’t come off being too hard on yourself if you’re not at the top of the strata as a wedding photographer just yet. The first step is in admitting that you have a long way to go and the first thing that you should tackle if you have hopes of being a real expert in your craft is the lighting technicality aspect of the job that you will end up doing during the weddings that you book as a wedding photographer.

To learn about lighting, you need to go ahead and learn it by doing, not just by theoretical means.

This means that as a wedding photographer, you should be inclined to bring your camera along with you every single day whenever you step right out o your front door. This may seem like a bit of a taxing exercise but the more that you are able to delve into it, the more you will get to realize and appreciate the info and the experience that you get to glean from such an exercise at the end of the day. Don’t be lazy with the amount of time that you spend with your camera. As a wedding photographer, your camera should be something that you are extremely familiar with. It should be something that you intimately know and something that you will be able to manipulate really well. You should know it as well as if the camera is already one of your appendages.

Observe light as well as the rest of its qualities and the way that it reacts to stimuli every chance that you get.

You won’t have a lot of time the moment that you are on location as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you will be able to rely on muscle memory when you are shooting during the wedding. You don’t exactly have the luxury to step back and assess the situation and take up too much time with the composition of your photos. When you have the free time, take a moment of quiet to really take a look at all of the details such as the color temperatures, how light is stirred up by the wind, by the dust swirling up in the air, by the leaves floating around, and so on and so forth.

And of course, if really will pay off a lot if you get to go through at least the basics of handling light as a wedding photographer.

Enroll yourself in a photography course so that you have a pretty good foundation of knowledge about lighting and how to use it all throughout the time that you are booking and shooting weddings professionally as a skilled wedding photographer.


Cover all grounds.

wedding photographerAs a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are always able to cover all grounds and all of the aspects that you are required to cover and deliver as much as possible. You need to make sure that you are always able to take care of things and anticipate all contingencies when it all comes down to it. Back up your images in two different hard drives and store them separately in two different places as much as possible. You have to understand the fact that your image files are the most important possessions that you have gotten out of the wedding photography York shoot. That is mainly the reason why you need to make sure that you protect your images in the best possible way when it all comes down to it. The moment that you lose your files without backing them up, you are best guaranteed that they will all be lost forever. You need to make sure that you are able to avoid this as much as possible. Don’t event let something like this ever happen to you. Backing up your files is always important. Make sure that you make it a part of your routine all of the time as a professional wedding photographer.

Look for opportunities

You should also constantly look out for way or for opportunities for you to come up with creative photography projects on the side, even if you will only be doing it personally and even if a client does not really request you for it. Being a wedding photographer can quickly turn out to be a bit monotonous and routine at times, if you are not careful. You cannot afford to get bored or to get complacent with the kind of work that you do as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you are always able to stay excited all of the time. This is something that you should be careful about because it is a trap that a lot of other wedding photographers out there have fallen into. If you would like to really make it in your chosen career, then you should commit to it as much as possible. You will get burned out fast and you will eventually lack the enthusiasm for what you are doing as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you get to think on your toes all of the time. These creative side projects will keep you inspired and motivated for your craft and for what you are doing as a wedding photographer.

Check out blogs

If you don’t really know where to start with the creative projects, try to check out the blogs of the wedding photographers you like. Somewhere along the way, they will have projects that they worked on out of sheer interest and appreciation. Try to look into these ideas and try to see if you will be able to come up with some of your own. Passion is what will set you apart as a wedding photographer from the rest of the competition that you may have in the market these days. Stay passionate and excited for what you do all of the time and success should follow after you.


Gain some kind of economic relevance.

wedding photographyIt is a common goal for the wedding photographers who get into the industry to try to gain some kind of economic relevance and sustainability one way or the other. This is something that you should be looking into as well. Apart from the aspect of being able to practice your craft and your passion by following after the footsteps of the other wedding photographers who have gone before you and who have established themselves ahead of you, you will need to also work on a way for you to survive the competition despite the fact that you are technically a newcomer in the industry. This can be a pretty tough feat to conquer but for as long as you have the right kind of business sense to guide you somewhere along the way, you will certainly be able to have some kind of commercial success with it one way or the other. You just need to make sure that you are patient enough to work things out because when it all comes down to it, things will not always be so easy and you will go through some rough patches which is pretty much what the other wedding photographers have gone through as well.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Clients won’t be too excited to go ahead and hire you if you have virtually nothing in your resume or in your portfolio. People want something tangible that they can look at that will basically assure them that you know what you are doing and that you really are as skilled as you say you are. If you don’t have anything up in your portfolio, then you might as well say goodbye to getting potential clients because they will most likely book the wedding photographers who have something that they can look at or review one way or the other. Try to jump on whatever you can get. This is not the right time for you to be choosy. Get as many photography related gigs and side gigs that you can get your hands on while you are slowly building up your portfolio as well on the side. Make it a point to constantly apply for internships that will give you a pretty good chance to get your skills as a Berkshire wedding photographer to good use and so that you will also be able to add on any other new skills all throughout the process.

These kinds of things take time so be patient with the process as much as possible.

Experienced wedding photographers know for a fact that you really have to start from the bottom before you have any chance of getting to the top. Take whatever you can get and work on whatever you will be able to work on. Take your time and use this as an opportunity for you to absorb and learn about anything that you need to learn about. Over time, you will slowly make your way to the top.


wedding photography tipsA great wedding photographer always understands the importance and the kind of weight that a bridals shoot brings around during a wedding photo coverage. You need to make sure that you are able to really get things done the right way. Forgetting about the bridals shoot is a cardinal sin and something that you should never do as a wedding photographer. You have to remind yourself again and again that the bottom line of the entire wedding photography shoot is that you will need to make sure that the bride comes out looking like the star of the entire show. The focus should always be on her. She should come out looking beautiful and radiant in all of the pictures that you are able to take as a wedding photographer essex. The bridals is actually dedicated to making sure that the bride looks beautiful than ever. You need to have enough time to really pose her well or position her well all throughout the entire process.

One common misconception among wedding photographers is that they feel as if it is quite alright to book the bridals shoot as well as the main wedding photo shoot all in the same day, the wedding day. This is a big no-no. Wedding days can be really hectic and crazy and you might not have enough time to get the bridals shoot done right. Make it a point to really schedule the bridals shoot on a different day before the actual wedding day. You don’t need that kind of stress during the main wedding photography shoot and the best part of it all is the fact that you really don’t have to. Do it on two separate days and get the problem over and done with.

Take the time to talk to the bridesmaids and to coach them a little about the right things that they need to do during the bridal march.

Technically speaking, this isn’t your turf anymore as a wedding photographer but when you come to think about it, it can greatly affect the quality of photos that you are able to take and that is why it really won’t hurt if you give the bridesmaids a few pointers here and there before they make the bridal walk. Most of them already know what to do but it’s always different if you are able to issue out all of the right info and all of the right instructions along the way. It will make all of the difference in the world and it is something that will get to show in the photos that you take during the main wedding photo shoot.

Give them a few tips on how to hold their bouquets.

The bouquet should be help at around the same level or slightly lower than where the belly button is. They should also pace themselves and make sure that they are able to walk just at the right pace, not too fast nor too slow. The bridesmaids can really set the vibe for the moment leading up to the bride’s main entrance and that is why you need to detail this out to them as much as possible.


portrait photography tipsBeing a portrait photographer can be a really rewarding career especially when you are able to play your cards right both artistically and business wise. One of the main challenges that a portrait photographer might come across with in his career is the aspect of shooting portrait shots of children. Children in general can be really difficult to work with. Unless you are lucky enough to work with the more pacific or calm children out there who respond well to instructions, you will most likely end up with a lot of time trying to reiterate or repeat what you would like them to do and you will have to adjust to them almost all of the time because well, suffice it to say, you’re the adult there. The parents will always be there trying to help you out but it doesn’t change the fact that it is something that will more or less end up being so much harder than the rest of the other times that you have set up a shoot as a professional portrait photographer. If you are into children in general, you might have a little more patience than usual but the truth is that you will have to put in a little more effort and change the way that you do things when you are shooting portrait shots of children all across the board.

Take shots from their perspective.

If there is one thing that you need to remember all the time when you are shooting portrait shots of children, it would have to be that you need to take the shots from their perspective and not from your perspective. Children are commonly shorter than the average adult. This means that if you continue to shoot their portraits from your own perspective, you will most likely end up with a lot of space left blank at the top of the photo. That is something that looks awkward and unprofessional and you certainly don’t want to go through with anything like that for your portrait shots. Any amateur can do so much better than that if they aim their focus to it.

Crouch lower or at least put the camera in same level as with the child’s eyes.

This is a pretty good gauge of whether or not you are taking his portrait shots from his perspective. If you fail to go ahead and do this, you tend to magnify the fact that children look small and fragile. This is not a good feature to play up and blow up some more in the portrait shots. Go through the motions of shooting in their level and of tilting the camera at a slightly upwards angle. This will lend the shot a sense of power and authority that can really balance off the fragility and natural innocence and somewhat frail or sensitive aura that children naturally come with. Being a portrait photographer London means that you should know how to balance things off so that nothing ever becomes too overbearing in the pictures.


wedding photographyEnroll yourself in a wedding photography course or workshop.

One of the easiest and the best ways for you to be able to start improving on yourself and on your wedding photography business is for you to enroll in a wedding photography course. This is something that you should plan ahead for one way or the other. It is quite easy to start off with this but all of the other variables contributing to it are not that easy. You have to understand the fact that when it all comes down to it, the tuition costs so much more than the usual. Photography courses are specialty courses and what this means is that they will require a special kind of training and repertoire and special kinds of teachers. You need to make sure that before you choose a class to enroll in, that it is the best and the most fitting course for you and for the style that you would like to go after or develop. You need to look into the background of the teacher who will be conducting the course. You need to make sure that that teacher has the background and the experience to back them up, making sure that they are as credible as they will ever be. If the schedule is something that you more or less find difficult to work with, you should seriously consider the option of going for online classes one way or the other.

Get a mentor who can give you hands on training and advice on wedding photography.

It also helps if you have some kind of regular correspondence with wedding photographers or other experts in the wedding photography world that you are familiar with or that you admire or aspire to be like someday. Try to meet with a more seasoned wedding photographer essex at least once a month. Go for someone who can give you tips or who can teach you a few things or so to help you grow and improve while you are just starting out with your career in wedding photography. You will need all of the help that you could ever get your hands on and this is something that you should take note of and remember all of the time. Try to meet up with this expert but if you are not given the chance to do so, then perhaps you should follow the blogs of wedding photographers that you admire.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Clients are a bit choosy with the wedding photography experts that they go ahead with. You need to make sure that you have the right industry experience to back you up all of the time. Do not be picky with the photography gigs that you get at first. Just take whatever you can get and learn as much as possible. Be like a sponge and seep in and absorb everything that you possibly can. Every leg of photography has something that you can learn from and this is something that you should take advantage of.


wedding photographyAs a newcomer in the wedding photography industry, you should be quite open to a lot of the possible eventualities out there when it all comes down to it. If you have been doing this for quite a while now, you are probably already well aware of the fact that an Asian wedding photography is something that holds a substantial amount of differences from the usual western weddings that you are probably well accustomed to at some point. If you ever come across a possible gig in Asian wedding photography, then you need to make sure that you are able to prepare well for it in order for you to be able to provide the best possible kind of service to your clients who are paying top dollar for your skills as well as for your expertise.

You have to keep in mind of the fact that the bride and groom are banking on you to be able to really properly document one of the most memorable events of their lives. This in itself should be motivation enough for you to make sure that you always bring your best foot forward and in making sure that they will be getting everything that they would like to get and more, if you can help it.

Talk with bride and groom

The first order of business would have to be your talk with the bride and the groom. Hold a meeting with the couple and discuss everything with them in detail. Discuss what kind of wedding scope they would like you to cover. Also try to find out if you can establish the perimeters of where you stand, artistically speaking. You need to know until where your artistic liberties lie so that you can make sure that you are not overstepping on anything during the actual event. Lay out all of the details to them in black and white and make it as simple as you possibly can. Embellishing anything at this point will actually get to do more harm than good so try to veer away from that as much as possible. Ambiguous language can also prove risky in the event that your clients might misunderstand what they are getting and might end up expecting things that you cannot deliver or you are not willing to deliver.

Learn the rituals

As the professional in charge of an Asian wedding photography gig, you should also go through the motions of really learning about the wedding rituals of that particular culture. Do a lot of research before you act on anything. Doing your research will definitely help you out a lot in determining which rituals are more substantial than the others and you will be able to successfully plan your shots around that aspect.

Asian weddings are usually steeped in tradition and wedding rituals and you need to make sure that you are always on the move and that you are always thinking on your feet to make sure that you do not miss out on any important details. It is also wise if you can get in touch with the couple and ask them for the list of important shots that they think should really be included in the wedding coverage. Make sure that you are able to follow through on this list because at the end of the day, this is not the kind of dispute or argument that you would like to have with your clients.


bridal shootBridals

When providing for a wedding photography service, make sure that you never ever skip the bridals, no matter what happens.The bridal shoot is the best way for you to be able to showcase the bride and all her charm and beauty. In case you do not know this yet, for as far as it goes in wedding photography, you should always go well out of your way to make the bride your star as much as possible. What is usually advised for you to do is to allot a special day before the wedding day specifically for the bridals alone. Some wedding photographers like Suffolk wedding photographer make it a point to do it during the day of the wedding itself but unless you are absolutely sure that you are experienced enough to expertly pull it through without any hitches whatsoever, then you might as well stick with allotting a special day for the bridals shoot. Bring some extra props with you to help make you more prepared for the bridals. Bring a special wedding kit of props along with you. Be prepared for anything. Bring some stain remover, some pins, some sticky tape, and maybe a decorative hanger or so to help you showcase the bridal dress before it will be worn by the bride. Skipping the bridals will not give you enough material to work with when it comes to really showcasing the bride in the best way possible so make sure that you never get to skip out on it at all in any way whatsoever.

Wedding venue

Visit the wedding venue before the actual day of the wedding photography event. It is a common practice in wedding photography for photographers to go out of their way to really visit the venue of the wedding before the actual wedding day itself. This will solve so many issues right then and there. For starters, you will get to acclimate to the place and familiarize yourself to it in such a way wherein you will not have to end up groping for the all of the right spots where you can position yourself in one way or the other. It will also give you the advantage of being able to gauge better how the light and shadows will play around with. It is usually smart to visit the wedding venue at around the same time of the day the wedding will happen so that you can sort of replicate how things will happen as well. Bring the bride and the groom along with you when you are doing the practice shoots and you can throw it in as an engagement shoot. You get to practice and make the clients comfortable being filmed by you and at the same time, you are throwing in a free service option that they can never refuse.

Pep talk

Go through the motions of giving the bridesmaids a pep talk before the actual bridal march. It is important for you to make sure that the bridesmaids smile and know how to pose or walk during the bridal march. Talk to them and give them a few pointers to help them along.


Schedule the shoot during the first ten days of the baby’s lifenewborn photography tips

As a newborn photographer, you will need to make sure that you are able to understand the concept of proper timing. One of the best phases that you should aim for as a newborn photographer is during the first ten days of the newborn baby’s life. The baby has not acclimated yet to the outside world. Somehow, he is still under the presumption that he is still in his mother’s womb. During this particular ten day phase, the baby does not do much other than feed and sleep. This is something that can work tremendously to your advantage as a wedding photographer and something that you should maximize as much as you possibly can. Work on coordinating this early on with the parents, if you can. If you do the shoot later than the ten day mark, the baby is usually more alert and more reactive when it comes to this phase. This can bring in a lot of problems for you because you will have to exercise extra patience and go through a lot of things to make sure that the baby stays pacified and entertained. Another tip would be for you to make sure that you get to schedule the photo shoot during the morning. Look for a timeframe wherein the baby has been recently fed and bathed.

Make use of props

Props bring life to a newborn photography session and that is something that you should be banking on one way or the other. Take the time to really come up with a good enough collection of props that you can use for your newborn photography projects. A nice assortment of props should include but should not be limited to blankets, some hats, wraps, pieces of great looking faux furs, and even assorted baskets and wooden crates. Make sure that you are able to maintain or keep your props clean and washed all of the time. An extra soaking of fabric conditioner will not hurt either. You need to make sure that you only get to go for materials that are soft to the touch because infants have such sensitive skin that they tend to chafe easily at times.

Make use of natural light

Natural light will be your best friend when it comes to newborn photography sessions so make sure that you are able to learn how to use it and manipulate it to work to your advantage, when it all comes down to it. Newborn babies do not like artificial light and working with anything that has flash can startle and irritate them. Make sure that you position your newborn photography Oxfordshire shoot in an area that has a lot of natural light such as near a door or a window and make sure that you have abundant amounts of natural light to work with.

Include the siblings and other family members.

If the baby has siblings, try to photography them with him. Also include the parents in some of the shots, if they will allow it.


wedding photography tipsVisit the wedding venue ahead of time before the actual wedding day.

One particular principle that you should uphold in wedding photography is for you to make sure that you are able to visit the venue of the wedding ahead of time so that you can assess the location, have a feel for the landscape, check out how things fall into place, and figure out how the light and shadows fall. This is crucial so that you will more or less know how to manipulate the elements at hand. Try to get this done around a few days before the wedding. Also, it would work to your advantage if you choose to visit at around the same time of the day that the wedding event is happening. This will give you a better idea of how things will turn out during the event itself. A lot of the other experts in wedding photography out there actually package this as an engagement shoot so that they can bring in a few practice shots. This can turn out to be one of the best ways for you to make the bride and the groom more comfortable with the aspect of getting their pictures taken by you as well.

Prepare for the fact that some things do not exactly run according to schedule during the wedding day.

As an expert in wedding photography, you should be able to take all of this in with a grain of salt. This can be a bit of a nuisance for you and for the rest of the providers out there in the wedding photography Hertfordshire niche but the truth of the matter is that not everything will happen according to planned during the wedding day. There will be a lot of delays and a lot of roadblocks up ahead but you should be flexible enough to always think on your toes and to basically readily deal with whatever situation may be served up to you at some point or so. Sometimes, even if you have a timeline of events set up, things can run late and there are a lot of other contributing factors involved with it. There is no need for you to stress over things and it always works better if you are able to take things with a grain of salt. You should make spontaneity your middle name when it comes to things like these.

Ask the bride and groom for a go-to person during the actual wedding photography session.

One thing that you should remember is the fact that the bride and the groom will not always be there to answer any questions that you may have especially during the wedding day. They will be too busy to cater to your questions. It will help you out a lot if you ask the bride and groom for a go-to person that you can consult with one way or the other. This will make things so much easier for you at the end of the day.


wedding photographer strategiesStay calm and do not be overly jittery.

As a wedding photographer who is quite new to the wedding industry, you might have some doubts about yourself in the beginning. These are doubts that you will be able to easily conquer though over time and over experience. You may be feeling nervous about things as the official wedding photographer of a bride and groom who hired you but you should go well out of your way to exude confidence even if at times, your heart is right up your throat already. If you are feeling nervous because you are covering the event, just imagine how the bride feels, being at the center of the whole thing when it all comes down to it.

Do your best to stay calm and to look calm. Stay well within your radar to quench down any nervous energy. You have to remember that you are not doing it for yourself but you are doing it for the bride. If you come off looking nervous and unsure of what you are doing, the bride might be able to pick up on this and will have to work through her own anxiety as well. Weddings are emotionally charged events after all. You should keep the negative emotions down if you want to be able to take great looking pictures.

Master the use of natural light.

You will have to work in countless situations wherein you will have to deal with a whole ton of natural light. This is mainly because of the fact that a huge majority of weddings are held during the day. You need to make sure that this is something that you are able to master one way or the other. There really is no special formula when it comes to attaining the mastery of natural light and of how you will be able to use it for your advantage. Learning how to manipulate it will occur naturally to do over time and over a lot of experience. Practice with your camera every day. Bring it around with you all of the time, even during those moments when you do not really “feel like it”. If you want to be a master of your craft, you have to commit a lot of time and effort on it and that is exactly what you will have to do if you ever want to get a shot at being one of the most well reputed wedding photographers out there.

Be open to different cultures and religions.

You will be exposed to a lot of different cultures and religions as a wedding photographer Hampshire and not all of them will be more or less in line with what you may particularly believe personally. You will need to make sure that you go well out of your way to set these differences aside and to be able to still work despite the differences in faith and in practices. Keep an open mind and try to withhold judgment particularly for the things that you do not understand just because you have a different background.