Baby Photography

Baby Gear for Your Photoshoot

newborn photography Raleigh NCWhen it comes to newborn photography Raleigh NC, your clients need an entirely different set of things to keep the ball rolling. By clients, I mean the babies. Your clients must be comfortable, cool and happy all through the session. These tools are a must-have.

Bearing in mind that you’ll be attempting poses and often times, props, there a huge bunch of tools out there to make the job easier and worth it. Your clients need them. The joy and fun in these photography sessions is in seeing how the babies are snuggled, propped and posed. Its cuteness overload! But you have to be careful. You don’t want your clients injured or having twisted ankles just because you want to attain a pose. Safety is key. Comfort is the watchword.

To start with, you will need a number of things, at your beck and call, anytime.

Let’s start with blankets, clothes and backdrops. While they do not affect the poses, they help shape your photos, creating great backgrounds depending on how you utilize them. Ideally, they should be soft to the touch. Rough fabrics are a no-no. they should also be colourful and beautifully patterned.


Poses proper, your need small pillows, beds or couches or a small armchair. Pillows come in handy. You should have yours. If you are having a lifestyle-new-born photoshoot, you might be disappointed with the normal household pillows, which might be too big, too rough and will not just fit. Small beds are good too except that they are not easily carried about. Generally, alongside small armchairs, they are good when you are having the sessions in your studio. Small pillows are also good for when you don’t have bean bags. Bean bags are resourceful. They can be carried about and folded into various forms to allow the new-born try different poses.

Ottomans are cute and fantastic though you want to be on your feet at all times. You don’t want the baby rolling over and landing on the ground.

Faux flokati furs are cool too. They are able to provide another level of comfort and are gentle on baby skin. You want to get hypoallergenic (so the baby doesn’t develop an allergy) and machine washable types for your newborn photography Raleigh NC. They are also available in different colours.


Props bring out the creativity, and creativity can make all the difference. They are simply amazing and employing them can add some interesting elements to your sessions. However, remember that props should enhance your photos and not detract from the client: the main focus and star of the shoot. You should also stay away from props when they seem dangerous. Props that employ sharp edges or objects small enough to be swallowed should not be used. Having said that, they are a great investment considering the flexibility they provide. Some great and popular ideas and examples of props are:

  • Hanging baby hammocks
  • Wooden beds and letters
  • Bird nests
  • Hanging stock sacks
  • Superhero based props
  • Baby hats (absolutely gorgeous)
  • Baskets, bowls, canoes and so on
  • Stuffed animals
  • Costumes
  • Baby-sized angel wings
  • Cocoons and swaddle sacks

Generally, you just want to be creative using props. You don’t necessarily have to buy all you need as you can improvise like we did here