Wedding Photography

wedding photographer CheshireAs a wedding photographer Cheshire, it can be a little scary to discover that you might not possess all the vital equipment needed to cover a wedding. For a first timer, this can be a horror story especially if the wedding is just a few days away. If this is you, then do no panic as we have you covered.

This article touches on the most essential wedding tools you need to cover the event. Read below:

Main camera and backup camera

Since the period of the pinhole camera to the present day high resolution digital camera, having a camera as a wedding photographer has never been optional. For photography, no arsenal can be complete without a properly functioning camera. The right camera is needed to capture the events of the day as they unfold.

Hence, great care needs to be taken when selecting the best camera that possesses a high resolution, great lens depth and a wide focus. In addition to this, it is important to remember that anything can happen at the wedding and a spare can come in handy in testy situations. A camera can get damaged or stolen due to the amount of activity that will take place at the wedding.

Imagine having to explain to the couple that the reason why some moments of the wedding is absent from the album is due to damaging or misplacing your camera. That does not put you in a good light and it might also affect future referrals.

Medium zoom lens

Another thing of note for a wedding photographer Cheshire is the lens that will be used with the camera. Certain lenses are best suited for certain evets but with a zoom lens you can achieve a whole lot even if you are a certain distance away from the actions. The f2.8m medium lens is one that is best suited for wedding photographs as the focal length provides a wide angle to varying shots. Also, the width of the aperture grants the photographer like to be more flexible with spaces that lack proper lighting.

Battery Pack and Memory Cards

What do you do when your camera runs out of juice or your memory card suddenly displays a warning saying “storage space full”? Do you give up? The answer is no! For a good wedding photographer, this is where he or she brings out the spare and switches out the dead batteries or full memory card. Chances are if you are covering a wedding for 8 hours and you have 100% battery, you will still need to switch them out. The same applies for the memory card.

Speed Lights

If you aim to be a wedding photographer Cheshire that is in high demand, then a way to show your worth is by going along with the speed lights. One thing you ought to know about weddings is as much as the couple decorates the place, they did it to beautify the environment and lighting might not be one of their main priorities. It is up to you to create the type of atmosphere you want and that can be done with your own set of lights.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HampshireThat’s simply the last thing you want – to have your wedding photographer Hampshire ruins everything! The party was slightly disturbed with how the photographer kept on calling you to smile. And then there’s the huge flash he carries around and flashed on people’s eyes. And he just needs to leave some of his name cards around the guest tables. How did that happen?

It all begins when…

We all want to have pictures of our wedding day. Check. We plan it properly and makes sure that the entertainment team was professional. Check. We oversee the decoration of the wedding hall thoroughly. Check. Finally, we find a photographer that can take pictures. Check.

Hold on, before you go on. You need to find a professional photographer who does more than just taking pictures. Anyone can take a picture from their cellphone, but that’s now what you want. You want stunning, gorgeous and beautiful wedding pictures that just look so special and memorable. Not just any kind of pictures, but the ones that make people stop at their track when they look at it.

So, change your plan!

If simply looking for a photographer was how you think, change that mindset! Remember that you need to find a photographer that is professional about the job and has the necessary skills and experience to do it. Not just that, you need to figure out a way to see if that photographer is a compatible person with your wedding. There can be several professional candidates, but not all of them have the style like you want them to.

A professional standard for a wedding photographer Hampshire is Do check out this place first for more information of professional photographers and you might even want to hire him immediately!

Assess their skills

Find out the capabilities of the photographers through interviews and portfolios. Their past works can show you their style and success in working on previous weddings in different places. The interview will show you the kind of person the photographer is and whether they can help you regarding your job.

You don’t have to be an expert in photography to figure if they are good, but you can make sure of it by asking more about their experiences. You should also find out if he’s gone through training, competitions or the likes. It’ll give you more insight on whether he’s someone that always works to be better, or static.

Don’t screw it yourself

What’s dangerous here is that some clients don’t even know that they’re screwing up their own wedding photography. In actuality, the Internet is often the biggest source of it!

Be careful that when you talk and make requests, you are not making absurd demands or orders. It also means you shouldn’t be leaving your photographer to figure it out on his own. Let the photographer works his way and simply let him know your preference and, if there is, personal request, such as a pose you want to try.

Remember to find a professional wedding photographer Hampshire that you like, assess his skills and try to not distract him with ridiculous demands. You’ll definitely get your pictures with fewer risks of being disappointed!