wedding photographyEnroll yourself in a wedding photography course or workshop.

One of the easiest and the best ways for you to be able to start improving on yourself and on your wedding photography business is for you to enroll in a wedding photography course. This is something that you should plan ahead for one way or the other. It is quite easy to start off with this but all of the other variables contributing to it are not that easy. You have to understand the fact that when it all comes down to it, the tuition costs so much more than the usual. Photography courses are specialty courses and what this means is that they will require a special kind of training and repertoire and special kinds of teachers. You need to make sure that before you choose a class to enroll in, that it is the best and the most fitting course for you and for the style that you would like to go after or develop. You need to look into the background of the teacher who will be conducting the course. You need to make sure that that teacher has the background and the experience to back them up, making sure that they are as credible as they will ever be. If the schedule is something that you more or less find difficult to work with, you should seriously consider the option of going for online classes one way or the other.

Get a mentor who can give you hands on training and advice on wedding photography.

It also helps if you have some kind of regular correspondence with wedding photographers or other experts in the wedding photography world that you are familiar with or that you admire or aspire to be like someday. Try to meet with a more seasoned wedding photographer essex at least once a month. Go for someone who can give you tips or who can teach you a few things or so to help you grow and improve while you are just starting out with your career in wedding photography. You will need all of the help that you could ever get your hands on and this is something that you should take note of and remember all of the time. Try to meet up with this expert but if you are not given the chance to do so, then perhaps you should follow the blogs of wedding photographers that you admire.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Clients are a bit choosy with the wedding photography experts that they go ahead with. You need to make sure that you have the right industry experience to back you up all of the time. Do not be picky with the photography gigs that you get at first. Just take whatever you can get and learn as much as possible. Be like a sponge and seep in and absorb everything that you possibly can. Every leg of photography has something that you can learn from and this is something that you should take advantage of.


wedding photographyAs a newcomer in the wedding photography industry, you should be quite open to a lot of the possible eventualities out there when it all comes down to it. If you have been doing this for quite a while now, you are probably already well aware of the fact that an Asian wedding photography is something that holds a substantial amount of differences from the usual western weddings that you are probably well accustomed to at some point. If you ever come across a possible gig in Asian wedding photography, then you need to make sure that you are able to prepare well for it in order for you to be able to provide the best possible kind of service to your clients who are paying top dollar for your skills as well as for your expertise.

You have to keep in mind of the fact that the bride and groom are banking on you to be able to really properly document one of the most memorable events of their lives. This in itself should be motivation enough for you to make sure that you always bring your best foot forward and in making sure that they will be getting everything that they would like to get and more, if you can help it.

Talk with bride and groom

The first order of business would have to be your talk with the bride and the groom. Hold a meeting with the couple and discuss everything with them in detail. Discuss what kind of wedding scope they would like you to cover. Also try to find out if you can establish the perimeters of where you stand, artistically speaking. You need to know until where your artistic liberties lie so that you can make sure that you are not overstepping on anything during the actual event. Lay out all of the details to them in black and white and make it as simple as you possibly can. Embellishing anything at this point will actually get to do more harm than good so try to veer away from that as much as possible. Ambiguous language can also prove risky in the event that your clients might misunderstand what they are getting and might end up expecting things that you cannot deliver or you are not willing to deliver.

Learn the rituals

As the professional in charge of an Asian wedding photography gig, you should also go through the motions of really learning about the wedding rituals of that particular culture. Do a lot of research before you act on anything. Doing your research will definitely help you out a lot in determining which rituals are more substantial than the others and you will be able to successfully plan your shots around that aspect.

Asian weddings are usually steeped in tradition and wedding rituals and you need to make sure that you are always on the move and that you are always thinking on your feet to make sure that you do not miss out on any important details. It is also wise if you can get in touch with the couple and ask them for the list of important shots that they think should really be included in the wedding coverage. Make sure that you are able to follow through on this list because at the end of the day, this is not the kind of dispute or argument that you would like to have with your clients.


bridal shootBridals

When providing for a wedding photography service, make sure that you never ever skip the bridals, no matter what happens.The bridal shoot is the best way for you to be able to showcase the bride and all her charm and beauty. In case you do not know this yet, for as far as it goes in wedding photography, you should always go well out of your way to make the bride your star as much as possible. What is usually advised for you to do is to allot a special day before the wedding day specifically for the bridals alone. Some wedding photographers like Suffolk wedding photographer make it a point to do it during the day of the wedding itself but unless you are absolutely sure that you are experienced enough to expertly pull it through without any hitches whatsoever, then you might as well stick with allotting a special day for the bridals shoot. Bring some extra props with you to help make you more prepared for the bridals. Bring a special wedding kit of props along with you. Be prepared for anything. Bring some stain remover, some pins, some sticky tape, and maybe a decorative hanger or so to help you showcase the bridal dress before it will be worn by the bride. Skipping the bridals will not give you enough material to work with when it comes to really showcasing the bride in the best way possible so make sure that you never get to skip out on it at all in any way whatsoever.

Wedding venue

Visit the wedding venue before the actual day of the wedding photography event. It is a common practice in wedding photography for photographers to go out of their way to really visit the venue of the wedding before the actual wedding day itself. This will solve so many issues right then and there. For starters, you will get to acclimate to the place and familiarize yourself to it in such a way wherein you will not have to end up groping for the all of the right spots where you can position yourself in one way or the other. It will also give you the advantage of being able to gauge better how the light and shadows will play around with. It is usually smart to visit the wedding venue at around the same time of the day the wedding will happen so that you can sort of replicate how things will happen as well. Bring the bride and the groom along with you when you are doing the practice shoots and you can throw it in as an engagement shoot. You get to practice and make the clients comfortable being filmed by you and at the same time, you are throwing in a free service option that they can never refuse.

Pep talk

Go through the motions of giving the bridesmaids a pep talk before the actual bridal march. It is important for you to make sure that the bridesmaids smile and know how to pose or walk during the bridal march. Talk to them and give them a few pointers to help them along.


Schedule the shoot during the first ten days of the baby’s lifenewborn photography tips

As a newborn photographer, you will need to make sure that you are able to understand the concept of proper timing. One of the best phases that you should aim for as a newborn photographer is during the first ten days of the newborn baby’s life. The baby has not acclimated yet to the outside world. Somehow, he is still under the presumption that he is still in his mother’s womb. During this particular ten day phase, the baby does not do much other than feed and sleep. This is something that can work tremendously to your advantage as a wedding photographer and something that you should maximize as much as you possibly can. Work on coordinating this early on with the parents, if you can. If you do the shoot later than the ten day mark, the baby is usually more alert and more reactive when it comes to this phase. This can bring in a lot of problems for you because you will have to exercise extra patience and go through a lot of things to make sure that the baby stays pacified and entertained. Another tip would be for you to make sure that you get to schedule the photo shoot during the morning. Look for a timeframe wherein the baby has been recently fed and bathed.

Make use of props

Props bring life to a newborn photography session and that is something that you should be banking on one way or the other. Take the time to really come up with a good enough collection of props that you can use for your newborn photography projects. A nice assortment of props should include but should not be limited to blankets, some hats, wraps, pieces of great looking faux furs, and even assorted baskets and wooden crates. Make sure that you are able to maintain or keep your props clean and washed all of the time. An extra soaking of fabric conditioner will not hurt either. You need to make sure that you only get to go for materials that are soft to the touch because infants have such sensitive skin that they tend to chafe easily at times.

Make use of natural light

Natural light will be your best friend when it comes to newborn photography sessions so make sure that you are able to learn how to use it and manipulate it to work to your advantage, when it all comes down to it. Newborn babies do not like artificial light and working with anything that has flash can startle and irritate them. Make sure that you position your newborn photography Oxfordshire shoot in an area that has a lot of natural light such as near a door or a window and make sure that you have abundant amounts of natural light to work with.

Include the siblings and other family members.

If the baby has siblings, try to photography them with him. Also include the parents in some of the shots, if they will allow it.


wedding photography tipsVisit the wedding venue ahead of time before the actual wedding day.

One particular principle that you should uphold in wedding photography is for you to make sure that you are able to visit the venue of the wedding ahead of time so that you can assess the location, have a feel for the landscape, check out how things fall into place, and figure out how the light and shadows fall. This is crucial so that you will more or less know how to manipulate the elements at hand. Try to get this done around a few days before the wedding. Also, it would work to your advantage if you choose to visit at around the same time of the day that the wedding event is happening. This will give you a better idea of how things will turn out during the event itself. A lot of the other experts in wedding photography out there actually package this as an engagement shoot so that they can bring in a few practice shots. This can turn out to be one of the best ways for you to make the bride and the groom more comfortable with the aspect of getting their pictures taken by you as well.

Prepare for the fact that some things do not exactly run according to schedule during the wedding day.

As an expert in wedding photography, you should be able to take all of this in with a grain of salt. This can be a bit of a nuisance for you and for the rest of the providers out there in the wedding photography Hertfordshire niche but the truth of the matter is that not everything will happen according to planned during the wedding day. There will be a lot of delays and a lot of roadblocks up ahead but you should be flexible enough to always think on your toes and to basically readily deal with whatever situation may be served up to you at some point or so. Sometimes, even if you have a timeline of events set up, things can run late and there are a lot of other contributing factors involved with it. There is no need for you to stress over things and it always works better if you are able to take things with a grain of salt. You should make spontaneity your middle name when it comes to things like these.

Ask the bride and groom for a go-to person during the actual wedding photography session.

One thing that you should remember is the fact that the bride and the groom will not always be there to answer any questions that you may have especially during the wedding day. They will be too busy to cater to your questions. It will help you out a lot if you ask the bride and groom for a go-to person that you can consult with one way or the other. This will make things so much easier for you at the end of the day.


wedding photographer strategiesStay calm and do not be overly jittery.

As a wedding photographer who is quite new to the wedding industry, you might have some doubts about yourself in the beginning. These are doubts that you will be able to easily conquer though over time and over experience. You may be feeling nervous about things as the official wedding photographer of a bride and groom who hired you but you should go well out of your way to exude confidence even if at times, your heart is right up your throat already. If you are feeling nervous because you are covering the event, just imagine how the bride feels, being at the center of the whole thing when it all comes down to it.

Do your best to stay calm and to look calm. Stay well within your radar to quench down any nervous energy. You have to remember that you are not doing it for yourself but you are doing it for the bride. If you come off looking nervous and unsure of what you are doing, the bride might be able to pick up on this and will have to work through her own anxiety as well. Weddings are emotionally charged events after all. You should keep the negative emotions down if you want to be able to take great looking pictures.

Master the use of natural light.

You will have to work in countless situations wherein you will have to deal with a whole ton of natural light. This is mainly because of the fact that a huge majority of weddings are held during the day. You need to make sure that this is something that you are able to master one way or the other. There really is no special formula when it comes to attaining the mastery of natural light and of how you will be able to use it for your advantage. Learning how to manipulate it will occur naturally to do over time and over a lot of experience. Practice with your camera every day. Bring it around with you all of the time, even during those moments when you do not really “feel like it”. If you want to be a master of your craft, you have to commit a lot of time and effort on it and that is exactly what you will have to do if you ever want to get a shot at being one of the most well reputed wedding photographers out there.

Be open to different cultures and religions.

You will be exposed to a lot of different cultures and religions as a wedding photographer Hampshire and not all of them will be more or less in line with what you may particularly believe personally. You will need to make sure that you go well out of your way to set these differences aside and to be able to still work despite the differences in faith and in practices. Keep an open mind and try to withhold judgment particularly for the things that you do not understand just because you have a different background.


Wear great shoeswedding photography

Wedding photography is a relatively challenging niche in photography because of the fact that it requires a lot of hours to cover and it can also be extensively laborious especially when you are looking into getting a lot of different view angles and perspectives one way or the other. You will have to be on the move all of the time and you will have to be willing to walk a lot. As a matter of fact, you will be walking far more than you think you would.

The quick fix would be for you to make sure that you bring a really great pair of comfortable shoes while you are covering your wedding photography gigs out there. The dilemma usually comes in because of the fact that weddings are prevalently formal events and thus the tendency to opt for attractive looking shoes. However, you also need something that is durable and comfortable enough to last you the entire day. You can always go for shoes that offer you both the aesthetics and the comfort as well.

Manage the crowd accordingly.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a crowd in wedding photography is that there will always be that one person either in the bride and groom’s friends and family members who will try to dictate how the photos will be taken. They will try to tell people how to pose. They will try to tell people were to pose. They will even try to dictate who gets to join a photo and who does not. The point here is that as the official wedding photography expert, you will have to make sure that you get to manage this appropriately. Tell that person to kindly get out of the way first and let you finish up because you have a schedule that you will need to follow through with. Tell them that you pretty much appreciate their input and they are free to do what they would like to try out for as long as you are able to finish up on your shots first. Make sure that you do it in a friendly and polite manner. You do not want to offend anyone by sounding a little too authoritative and even rude up to some point.

Have a meeting with the bride and the groom.

It is of utmost importance for you as the wedding photographer Berkshire to make sure that you completely understand the concept of what your clients want and need. Make sure that you get to lay everything down in black and white. The last thing that you would like to happen would be for you and to have an argument with the bride and the groom regarding misunderstandings brought forth by grey areas that have not been discussed in detail. This is the only way for you to make sure that your clients are absolutely satisfied with your service.

Get a must have shot list from your clients.

A list of all of the moments or shots that you would need to take is something that you should have on you all of the time. Follow through with the list and try to commit to it as much as possible.


wedding photography gearPreparation is key when it comes to wedding photography.

Get everything together and plan everything out as much as you can before the actual wedding event. The very first thing that you would need to do when you are planning to seriously launch a career in wedding photography is that there are so many things that you will need to consider and prepare for. You will need all of your photography gear in place. You will need to prepare enough to have the kind of experience that will more or less make you seem credible to the prospective clients that you are offering your services out to. You will also need to create or build a website or blog that will help you set up your marketing strategies and that will serve as your mini portfolio in an online setting.

You need to get everything set up and running before you even make the announcement that you are offering your services out to the public because the last thing that you would want to do is to cram and do everything halfway at the very last second. That will result to extremely sloppy work and will also end up making you look like it is something that you did not really think through as properly and as thoroughly as you should have. Wedding photography should not be like that. You should be as efficient as you possibly can.

Do not ever run out of batteries or memory cards.

Running out of memory space or of camera batteries while being in the middle of a wedding photography event is one of the worst nightmares a wedding photographer could ever come across one way or the other. Luckily enough for you, this is also something that you will be able to prevent fairly easily and without so much difficulty. Ideally, you should have at least twice the amount of memory space that you think you will consume. So for example, if you think that you will only be consuming about 40 GB of memory space, pack enough memory cards for 80 GB instead for good measure. As for the camera batteries, bring at least two extra batteries per camera. Make sure that you are able to bring an AC adapter along for good measure, if you think that it will be a particularly long event for you to cover.

Running out of juice or memory space are two of the most inexcusable mistakes out there.

You owe it to your clients to make sure that you are able to pack enough and perhaps even more than you will ever need when it all comes down to it.

Learn the art of well placed compliments when you are doing your photo shoot.

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but wedding photographers who know how to hold a conversation and who know how to use well placed compliments here and there are actually the ones who tend to get the best pictures out there. Learn this subtle art and you should be well on your way.


Do not ever skip the bridalswedding photography tips

The bridals really can make or break wedding photography coverage. If there is one thing that you will need to remember all the time when it comes to the professional wedding photography scene, it is the absolute truth wherein the bride will always be the star of everything. The bride is your ultimate client. If there is any amount of “sucking up” that you would have to do, it needs to be with the bride, more than anything else. More often than not, the bride is usually pretty hands on when it comes to wedding preparations and everything else in between. It is oftentimes the bride who decides to hire you, negotiates with you, and plans everything out with you. As selfish as this may sound, the entire wedding celebration is pretty much centered around the bride.

Do not ever allow yourself to forget this for even just a sliver of a moment. The best way to showcase the bride in all her beauty and glory is to star her in a bridals photo shoot. A wedding photography coverage is never complete without one.

Master your lighting game.

Lighting is the beginning and the end in wedding photography. Even the most professional of setups, the most expensive lenses, the most manicured of lawn gardens, the most experienced wedding photographers dorset and so on and so forth, will come out looking mediocre and unimpressive if the lighting is not used up to its maximum potential. If there is any element that you will need to know like the back of your hand in wedding photography, it would have to be the lighting.

Practice everyday and challenge yourself to shoot in a wide variety of light settings.

You need to make sure that you are adaptable and flexible enough to be able to produce great looking pictures regardless of the kind of light setting that may be thrown your way. Make sure that you have the right amount of technical knowledge to really get to figure it out so you can play up your photos in such a way wherein you get exactly what you are aiming for. Remind yourself of the fact that you cannot build an entire wedding photography business out of the “lucky shots”. You need hard work and a good amount of technical knowledge in order for you to make things go your way.

Bring a tripod along with you.

The lazy part of you will probably try to argue and say that it is not something that you will necessarily need all of the time but the truth of the matter is that a tripod is a staple requirement in all professional wedding photography sessions. A tripod can provide you with the kind of stability and support that is much needed when it comes to shooting in low light settings as well as during those instances wherein the photo shoot sessions are somewhat extended. It can get quite tiring and freeing up your hand can really give you the kind of freedom needed for you to be able to really assess the composition of the photos that you take.


commercial photographyManage expectations and find out what the requirements are

Commercial photography is a tricky piece of ice for you to skate on and this is something that you should more or less approach with caution if this is something that you are planning to get into as a career or as a side gig one way or the other. If you have been working on your photography skills as a hobby for quite some time now, then it will come as no surprise that it is something that you are getting better at doing at some point. You will see that acquaintances, friends, and family members will start approaching you to ask you if you can more or less cover some events for them in exchange for a certain fee or for payment. This can seem appealing and this can really be an exciting time for you since you are on the brink of earning money out of something that you are passionate about but you will need to seriously think things through first before you even go ahead and agree to cover it by saying yes.

Find out exactly what the clients are looking for and what they require. Assess yourself objectively and think everything through and be honest about whether or not it is something that you can actually provide.

Understand what the images will be used for

You need to know what the clients have in mind for the usage of the images. Are they having the photos taken for posterity or are they planning to launch a nationwide campaign at some point and use your photos for them? You need to learn about usage rights and license rights as well. This can really affect the pricing and everything else in between so make sure that you ask your clients about it. Commercial photography is all about asking what the entire process is for.

Quote reasonably

Assess all of the elements that come along with the service that you have to provide and quote accordingly. Make sure that you do not quote too low in such a way wherein you end up losing money but not too high in such a way as well wherein you eventually end up turning your clients off. You need something fairly mid ranged and balanced. This will make things so much more attractive and interesting for your clients and you will still technically get a fairly good enough margin of profit one way or the other.

Prepare for the coverage

Prepare all of the things that you would need to bring along with you during the commercial photography shoot. It varies a lot depending on whether the photo shoot is to be held outdoors, indoors, in close or tight spaces, in areas with limited lighting, and so on and so forth. You need to know exactly what you are getting into so that you will know exactly what to bring. It certainly would seem wrong for you to bring light stands to an afternoon shoot, won’t it?


wedding photography tipsA wedding photographer should know and understand full well that the purpose of the blog is to actually target the future clients. Although it does make excellent homage to the weddings of the previous clients, which those clients will appreciate a lot, it is, by every sense of the word, really more of a marketing platform more than anything else. Not a lot of wedding photographers out there understand the true power that the blog can wield when it comes to bringing in new business. this is something that can tremendously help you in growing your business and will almost always keep your pipeline filled and ready to go one way or the other.

Blogs have the capacity to drive search engine traffic right into your website. It lets you effectively showcase the fact that you are capable to cover a wedding from the beginning until the very end. it will grant your future clients some insight into the way you work and the way that you cover weddings in general. That is why knowing all of the right ways to blog is extremely important in thriving as a wedding photographer.

You start off with the title.

The blog title should be simple and concise. The shorter you can go on this without skipping out on any important details, the better. Include the names of the bride and the groom (preferably just the first names), add in the word “wedding”, add in the name of the venue that the event is actually being held in, as well as the location. If any of the search engine searches will match up with any of the words in your title, you will surely get a chance to have them redirected to your site. SEO is an incredibly powerful tool and something that you should not take lightly.

You will need to learn how to write.

If writing is something that you are not particularly good with, there is no need to panic. You can always start slow and go with whatever pace that you may be comfortable with. You are also not required anything particularly wrong. Ideally, there should be a paragraph or two describing the entire wedding proceedings, and then perhaps short descriptions for the photos that can sort of double up as captions as well. Writing can be difficult for the newbie but it is something that you can easily learn to do for as long as you are able to commit the right amount of time and practice into it one way or the other. Be patient with yourself and do not force yourself into writing too much. Let it come to you and let the words flow freely.

Make sure that you go ahead and think your image layout through as thoroughly as you possibly could.

You should take a cue from how the professional wedding photographers like this wedding photographer Hampshire here layout their images. Leaf through some magazines and try to learn as much as you can. Lay out your images in such a way wherein your readers will not get bored with the way you set them up.


raw formatIf there is one thing that wedding photographers have argued most about over the years, it would have to be the importance of shooting your images in RAW format. Wedding photography is big on the quality of the photos. As a matter of fact, you yourself should be big on the quality of the photos. Quality is everything when it all comes down to it. This is something that you should pay close attention to one way or the other.

Memory space

One thing that you would need to take a look at is the undeniable fact that veteran and experienced wedding photographers in Kent out there absolutely vouch for the importance of shooting your images in RAW. There have been some arguments against RAW files. Some say that it is not worth trouble because of the fact that it tends to eat through so much memory space at some point or so. You will need to pack for way more memory space than usual. RAW files also have the tendency to fill up the buffer of the sensor faster than usual and this can lead to slowing down the performance of the camera after a fashion.

High quality pictures

When you opt to shoot your images in RAW at some point, you are basically making sure that you are able to capture the highest quality of photos as much as possible. And as you may already well know about wedding photography, everything starts and ends with high quality photos. The reason why shooting in RAW is so advantageous is because of the fact that it records all of the information that is being captured by the sensor of the camera that you are using. What this basically means is the fact that all of the information captured with the images is kept pretty much intact.Your photos will come out crisper and clearer more than ever.

The issue with having to shoot in JPEG is the fact that it actually automatically edits the white balance in the photos. It also compresses the file so that it can save up on a lot of memory space. RAW files allow you to edit your own photos and apply white balance on your own with the help of some computer programs meant for editing photos. You can be quite rest assured of the fact that you are far smarter than any camera that automatically applies white balance. That, in turn, will provide you with photos are considerably better in terms of quality.

Higher levels of brightness

You will be able to record higher levels of brightness when you shoot in RAW. When you basically put it in a more mathematical setting, a JPEG file offers you only 256 levels of brightness. RAW files, on the other hand, will offer you well up to over 16,000 levels of brightness. The difference is tremendous. It allows for smoother transition in between color tones and the best quality of photos. Levels of brightness basically mean the number of steps required to take a photo from black to white. Shooting in RAW will also mean that you will be able to fix any issues quite easily without having to sacrifice the quality of the photos.


tripod useA tripod will allow you as the wedding photographer to be able to step back unburdened so you can assess the situation and really think about the composition of the image that you are about to take. Sometimes, when you are at a busy event like a wedding and you have a camera in hand, it is a bit hard to slow down for a bit. You have tend to have that feverish tendency to shoot as much as you can and make sure that you do not miss out on any important moments during the event.

Think shots

When your camera is mounted on a tripod though, it forces you to sort of slow down and really think about the shot you are getting. You are more likely to get the framing and lighting right with this kind of time being handed to you when you have a tripod set in place. What the tripod can do for you as a wedding photographer is that it frees you of the burden of having to carry the camera all the time and so, that way, you are able to make sure that all of the other variables are pretty much in place so that you can take your photos beautifully.

Use telephoto lens

A tripod works great when you are using a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are great to use for when you need to take close up photos but you cannot really be quite near the subjects that you are trying to film. There are a lot of moments like this during the wedding. You would need to scoot slightly to the back of the room during the actual wedding ceremony, during the toasting and the speeches, and so on and so forth. This is why the telephoto lens really is a great basic lens to invest in for new photographers. The issue with this lens though is that it can be a bit difficult to steady. Its focal length can magnify the vibrations that are being caused by the camera’s mirror and shutter, and all of the other underlying variables involved.

Take difficult shots

As a wedding photographer cambridgeshire, you will also see that you might be cast in different kinds of situations. At times, you will find that you will be asked to shoot in at times extremely difficult circumstances. You have to be prepared at all times. One of the biggest challenges a wedding photographer may come across with is the aspect of having to shoot with very limited natural light available. You will be asked to film during sunsets or at times during night times where it can be extremely dark. The camera shifts to night mode when this is the case and it can result to camera shake as well because the shutter speed tends to slow down. You will need all of the stability that you can possibly get your hands on in order to ensure that you get nothing but the very best of pictures for your paying clients. They deserve nothing but the best, after all.


tripod usesA tripod is one of the most important and useful accessories that wedding photographers should get their hands on. It can be used in so many different ways and at the end of the day, may even be the perfect solutions to any photography issues that may come up somewhere in between the shoot. They are not that expensive and they come with carrying slings so lugging them around with the rest of the equipment that you may already have may not be too hard of a thing if you include them in your gear.

One thing that most wedding photographers get wrong though (even the professional ones at times), is the proper usage of the tripod. Although it may be true that it does come with a lot of uses, there are also a lot of times wherein this is being used incorrectly. It is not surprising because sometimes, the right way of using them are not always that obvious. It pays if you know them though. Here are a few common mistakes that wedding photographers make with their tripods and how to correct them.

Invest in filmsy tripods

Wedding photographers sometimes cheapen out and invest in flimsy tripods because they cost less. Being strapped for cash after making major purchases such as cameras and lenses can be an all too common predicament for new wedding photographers out there. However, what they are not realizing is that they are actually risking damaging their main equipment and gear which actually cost so much more. Flimsy tripods are unable to provide the kind of durability and stability the high quality ones are able to provide. It may not hold your camera as steady as you want them to and may be knocked over by a strong enough breeze. Think of it as a long term investment and get a high quality tripod instead.

Leave tripod behind

Leaving the tripod behind thinking that they will not need it for the shoot is also another common mistake that wedding photographers make. Why bother buying it when you don’t end up using it anyway? However, you will be getting the best results if you pair your tripod up with cameras that have high pixel count. The camera needs to be absolutely still and that is where the tripod comes in handy. Try to buy a tripod that can be transported easily instead if you think this can be an issue for you when it comes to having to lug it around during the coverage of your wedding gigs.

Extend center column

Another common mistake wedding photographers make with their tripods is that they extend the center column when they want an elevated height. You should only do this as a last resort. Check to see if you have the legs fully extended first and that is the time for you to adjust the center column. The center column risks less stability once extended so make sure that you go about this as carefully as you possibly can. It only takes a split second to see your expensive gear come crashing down.


 Blogs are crucial to just about any kind of business out there. They are the best marketing platforms on the internet. They are also quite effective when it comes to establishing your presence online. Wedding photographers, particularly those who have already been around for quite some time now, understand the importance of maintaining a proper blog more than the fairly new ones ever could.

More traffic and redirects to your site could basically mean your next possible client. It is something that might seriously bring you absolutely lucrative results if it is something that you are able to work with long enough at some point or so. Always keep in mind that your blogs are not for your current clients, they are basically for your future clients. It is one of the most important platforms that you should set your eyes on developing.

wedding photography mistakesFirst things first, make sure that you are posting enough images in the blogs that you are writing.

What you need to make sure is for you to capture enough photos that will be enough to be able to show a story or an illustration of the entire wedding event that you have just covered. You need to be able to show enough proof that you are a wedding photographer who has the capability to cover a full scale wedding from the beginning all the way to the end. You will need at least a minimum of ten photos for the blog post of an entire wedding but it should lean towards more instead of less.

Try to a capture moments of the most important parts of the wedding such as the part where the couple gets ready, details of the wedding, a photo shoot involving the bride and the groom, the party that comes along with the wedding, the actual ceremony, and of course, the reception. Most wedding photographers tend to clip the posting part and are a bit short on the images which don’t make sense because they don’t comprise an entire story.

The second mistake most wedding photographers commit is posting all of their images in their blog in full size.

You have to understand that not each and every single image has earned its right to be posted in full size. It will leave your readers bored and will make the images look kind of redundant at some point. Pay attention to how magazines lay out their images. Some images, the more important ones, should be posted in full size whereas the accent images or the supporting ones should be in slightly smaller ones. This will give your layout depth and variety.

Lastly, veer away from posting too many images.

You do not have to post a lot of images in order for you to be able to tell a story. Stick to the gist of the story that you are trying to tell and remember that simplicity is usually the best way to go. It requires a delicate balance of sorts and if you can handle that, then you’ve got a good thing going there.